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New Age Spiritual Counselor, Advisor, Healer and Life Pattern Interpreter That profiles your souls vibrational energy in Quantum Codes.  

This Amazing Individual takes your most complex aspects and parts of you and breaks down the information to and for you in the most simplest expression!. 

  • A Gifted and Intuitive "CLAIRVOYANT
  • Guidance to the Natural Laws of the Universe with Prayer, and Meditation
  • Instant Psychic " MEDIUMSHIP"
  • Energy Work and Relaxation Therapy
  • Hands on, & distance Energy Body Scan "HEALER"
  • INTUITIVE "Tarot Cards and PALM Reading Interpretations"
  • "EMPATH "

My primary philosophy is creating an understanding and knowledge of our soul's connection with each other and how these threaded connections affect all of us and our time on earth. I have mastered my skills, talent, and abilities with integrity and complete discretion with a committed joy and passion in helping others navigate through their own evolved journey's path.

I feel my clients' needs are of the utmost importance. I'm fully committed to guiding them as they experience enlightenment to achieve their goals and dreams. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat clients and referrals. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust. With a commitment from you I'm flexible with my schedule and willing to tailor our sessions within a suitable time frame for us to connect for a private session or by a scheduled phone call. 

Because our sessions may become fast-paced and the information given will be detailed and intensive, I encourage you to take detailed notes and allow you to audio or video record the session for later review, clarity, understanding.

Contact by EmailĀ»

Phone: (702) 413-4055