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I’m One of the Greatest Psychics This Planet Has Ever Had

I break down the most complex aspects of your life and parts of you, changing them to the simplest expression.

A Little Something About Myself and My Abilities

I’m a Commodity

Hello! My name is Anna Corral of Visions By Anna in Santa Monica, California. I’m a new age spiritual counselor, advisor, and healer. I’m also a life pattern interpreter who profiles your soul’s vibrational energy in quantum codes. I break down the most complex aspects of your life and parts of you, changing them to the simplest expression.

My primary philosophy is that we create an understanding and knowledge of our souls’ connections with each other. We enlighten people on how these threaded connections affect all of us and our time on earth. I have mastered my skills, talents, and abilities with integrity and complete discretion. I’m committed to bringing joy and passion as I help others navigate through their evolved journey.

My clients' needs are of the utmost importance. I'm fully committed to guiding them so they can experience enlightenment and achieve their goals and dreams. I’ll maximize my talent to coordinate traffic and generate more people to recognize me.

As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat clients and referrals. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust. I'm flexible with my schedule, and I’m willing to tailor our sessions within a suitable timeframe. This way, you and I will be able to connect for a private session or scheduled phone call.

Please take note that your sessions may become fast-paced. The information I’ll give you will be detailed and intensive. I encourage you to take detailed notes. I’ll allow you to do audio or video recording of the session for clarity, understanding, and later review.


My Credibility 

  • Gifted and Intuitive Clairvoyant
  • Guide to the Natural Laws of the Universe
    • Through Prayer and Meditation
  • Psychic Who Provides Personalized Life’s Number Information

  • Instant Psychic " MEDIUMSHIP"
  • Energy Work and Relaxation Therapist
  • Hands-On Healer Who Performs Distance Energy Body Scan
  • Intuitive Tarot Card and Palm Reader and Interpreter
  • Clairaudient Channeler
  • Empath
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