Visions By Anna - Evolutionary Clarification From a Spritiual Consultant/Advisor
I cater to your preference of time.  Below are my session fees for service and time spent with me. Please call or email me for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
1/2 Hour Session
Entitles you to one half hour of a private session with me in person or via phone
Price: $65.00
1 Hour Session
Entitles you to one full private hour with me in session in person or via phone
Price: $120.00
Events,Parties, and Social Functions
My Time per hour can be booked flat rate, or I set donation for readings, enquire

Min. 2hours!
Price: $150.00
Money, Love, Fast Luck Potions
You can purchase 3 viles or 1 large bottle of a specific request
Price: $10.00
Oil Potions :
Oil Potions in viles:
Self Astrology
Know You through Your Astrological Sign Exclusively
Price: $65.00
Spiritual Cleanings aka Limpias
Just because something is intangible does not mean it does not exist!
I can take away that which attaches to one via others intentions, elements, and enironmentally. This can be done in person or at a distance where I will ship the necessary things for you to do...
Price: $100.00
Any kind of spell, that you need done for you or outward
I tell you what to get and give you directions
Price: $50.00
I create a spell and ship it to you to be done in your space
Just tell me what your dilemma or issue is
Price: $100.00
I will put together a spell and for privacy issues will keep and do the work in my space for you
Just tell me what you desire or need done!
Price: $200.00
Life Coaching
We all need guidance and understanding where our human aspect and soul is concerned. It is easy to be sidetracked and lost in allow my expertise and skills to put a plan together for you that sets reasonables attentive goals in mind with a structure and balance that flows!

Your time is a 45 minute session of building a routine to work through, and a 15 minute recap of what to focus on.
Price: $80.00
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